Binary package “libtickit-dev” in ubuntu focal

Terminal Interface Construction KIT (development files)

 This library provides an abstracted mechanism for building interactive
 full-screen terminal programs. It provides a full set of output drawing
 functions, and handles keyboard and mouse input events.
 Using this library, applications can
  * Divide the terminal into a hierarchy of nested, possibly-overlapping
    rectangular windows
  * Render output content and react to input events independently in any
    window region
  * Use fully Unicode-aware string content, including non-BMP, full-width
    and combining characters
  * Draw line-art using Unicode box-drawing characters in a variety of
  * Operate synchronously or asynchronously via file descriptors, or
    abstractly via byte buffers
  * Recognise arbitrary keyboard input, including modifiers*
  * Make use of multiple terminals, if available, from a single
 The following terminal features are supported (depending on terminal support):
  * Many rendering attributes; bold, italics, underline, reverse,
  * strike-though, alternate font
  * 256 and 24-bit (16 million) colours
  * Mouse including mouse wheel and recognition of position reporting greater
  * than 224 columns
  * Arbitrary scrolling regions
 This package contains the header files and libraries needed for developing
 with libtickit.