Binary package “klone” in ubuntu focal

embedded web application development framework

 This package contains KLone's source code, to be used to build custom
 kloned servers.
 KLone is a fully-featured, multiplatform, web application development
 framework, targeted especially for embedded systems and appliances.
 It is a self-contained solution which includes a web server and an SDK
 for creating WWW sites with both static and dynamic content. When
 using KLone, there's absolutely no need for any additional component:
 neither the HTTP/S server (e.g. Apache, Netscape, Roxen), nor the
 typical active pages engine (PHP, Perl, ASP, Python).
 KLone does everything, and does it fast and small.
 KLone blends the HTTP/S server application together with its content
 and configuration into a single executable file. The site developer
 writes his/her dynamic pages in C/C++ (in usual scripting style: <% /*
 code */ %>) and uses KLone to transform them into embeddable,
 compressed native code with the native C/C++ compiler. The result is
 then linked to the HTTP/S server skeleton to obtain one single,
 ROM-able, binary file. This means that he/she can get:
  - easy, complete and unfiltered interaction with the host operating
  - dynamic pages in native compiled code, which in turn implies
  - fast execution and
  - small overall application footprint
  - all of this without giving up the common functionality of web
      application frameworks such as sessions, parsing of form
      variables, cookies, etc