Comment 38 for bug 1815889

Hi Timo,
I tried to test with the mesa from ppa:canonical-x/x-staging
But there is a dependency issue in that PPA - I can't install all packages from there.
It seems most of the X* packages will need a transition for the new mesa and those are not in this ppa right now.

Installing all that I can from the PPA doesn't resolve the issue, is there something more you need to upload to the PPA - or are there other things I'd need to do to install all of mesa?

This is the current mix of rc5/6 it gave me :-/
libegl-mesa0:amd64 19.0.0~rc5-1ubuntu0.1
libegl1-mesa:amd64 19.0.0~rc6-1ubuntu0.1
libgl1-mesa-dri:amd64 19.0.0~rc5-1ubuntu0.1
libgl1-mesa-glx:amd64 19.0.0~rc6-1ubuntu0.1
libglapi-mesa:amd64 19.0.0~rc5-1ubuntu0.1
libglx-mesa0:amd64 19.0.0~rc5-1ubuntu0.1
libwayland-egl1-mesa:amd64 19.0.0~rc6-1ubuntu0.1
mesa-va-drivers:amd64 19.0.0~rc5-1ubuntu0.1
mesa-vdpau-drivers:amd64 19.0.0~rc5-1ubuntu0.1