Comment 0 for bug 1859407

You-Sheng Yang (vicamo) wrote :

If user un-plugs and then re-plugs the thunderbolt 3 cable of Dell WD19TB into the laptop during suspend state, peripheral devices on the docking station cannot be re-probed after the system resumes.

[Steps to reproduce]
1. Please make sure that the WD19 (TBT 3 cable) connects to the laptop
2. Suspend the system
3. Un-plug the TBT 3 cable of WD19 docking station from laptop
4. Re-plug the TBT 3 cable of WD19 docking station into the laptop
5. Press the Enter key or power button to wake up the system
6. Connect an Ethernet cable to a Ethernet port of WD19 docking station
7. Check if the Ethernet interface is available and networking connection is up.

[Expected result]
The Ethernet interface can be detected

[Actual result]
The Ethernet cannot be detected