Comment 45 for bug 1828495


So said in the merge requests, Bionic needed a new version with:

e6891e7... by Rafael David Tinoco <email address hidden> 3 minutes ago

c27fa94... by Rafael David Tinoco <email address hidden> on 2019-08-02
    - 0017-target-i386-add-MDS-NO-feature.patch (LP: #1828495):
      target/i386: add MDS-NO feature
      (upstream: 20140a82c674, desc: v4.0.0-721-g20140a82c6)

And the changelog stayed:

qemu (1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.17) bionic; urgency=medium

  * {Ice,Cascade}Lake IA32_ARCH_CAPABILITIES support (LP: 1828495)
    Needed patch is in d/p/u/lp1828495-:
    - 0017-target-i386-add-MDS-NO-feature.patch:
      target/i386: add MDS-NO feature

 -- Rafael David Tinoco <email address hidden> Mon, 05 Aug 2019 19:12:08 +0000

qemu (1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.16) bionic; urgency=medium

  * {Ice,Cascade}Lake CPUs + IA32_ARCH_CAPABILITIES support (LP: #1828495)
    Needed patches are in d/p/u/lp1828495-:
    - 0001-guidance-cpu-models.patch:
      docs: add guidance on configuring CPU models for x86
      + d/qemu-system-common.install: include man/man7/qemu-cpu-models.7
    - 0002-msr-new-msr-indices.patch:
      i386: Add new MSR indices for IA32_PRED_CMD and IA32_ARCH_CAPABILITIES
    - 0003-cpuid-feature-ia32-arch-capabilities.patch:
      i386: Add CPUID bit and feature words for IA32_ARCH_CAPABILITIES MSR
    - 0004-cpuid-bit-for-wbnoinvd.patch:
      i386: Add CPUID bit for WBNOINVD
    - 0005-new-cpu-model-for-icelake.patch:
      i386: Add new CPU model Icelake-{Server,Client}
    - 0006-update-headers-to-4.16-rc5.patch:
      update Linux headers to 4.16-rc5
    - 0007-kvm-get-msr-feature-index_list.patch:
      kvm: Add support to KVM_GET_MSR_FEATURE_INDEX_LIST and
    - 0008-x86-msr-related-data-structure-changes.patch:
      x86: Data structure changes to support MSR based features
    - 0009-feature-wordS-arch-capabilities.patch:
      x86: define a new MSR based feature word -- FEATURE_WORDS_ARCH
    - 0010-use-kvm-get-msr-index-list.patch:
    - 0011-disable-arch-cap-when-no-msr.patch:
      i386: kvm: Disable arch_capabilities if MSR can't be set
    - 0012-arch-capabilities-migratable.patch:
      i386: Make arch_capabilities migratable
    - 0013-cascadelake-server.patch:
      i386: Add new model of Cascadelake-Server
    - 0014-remove-cpuid-pconfig.patch:
      i386: remove the new CPUID 'PCONFIG' from Icelake-Server CPU model
    - 0015-remove-cpuid-intel_pt.patch:
      i386: remove the 'INTEL_PT' CPUID bit from named CPU models
    - 0016-no-ospke-on-some.patch:
      i386: Disable OSPKE on CPU model definitions

 -- Rafael David Tinoco <email address hidden> Wed, 19 Jun 2019 19:48:48 +0000

We need the SRU for the last 2 commits (already pushed in the MR).


For Disco, we're good because of security maintenance you had already done previously:

qemu (1:3.1+dfsg-2ubuntu3.1) disco-security; urgency=medium

  * SECURITY UPDATE: Add support for exposing md-clear functionality
    to guests
    - d/p/ubuntu/enable-md-clear.patch
    - d/p/ubuntu/enable-md-no.patch

And enable-md-no.patch made the trick for MDS-NO bit.

So all we need is the verification of the package already in -proposed. I'll do that now.