Binary package “ocamlviz” in ubuntu eoan

real-time profiling tools for Objective Caml (clients)

 Ocamlviz gives the ability to instrument an existing code, in real
 time, with lightweight monitoring annotations. Ocamlviz can also be
 used as a debugging tool.
 Here are a few possibilities provided by Ocamlviz:
  * observe details about the garbage collector
  * observe how many times the program goes through a point
  * make a set of values (any) and count its cardinal number and its
    size in the heap
  * observe how much time passed between two points of the program
  * observe the value of integers, floating-point numbers, booleans
    and strings
  * observe details about hash tables, like the number of empty
    buckets, or the filling rate
  * etc
 This package provides two sorts of client output:
  * an ASCII client, the monitoring is displayed in a file
  * a Graphical User Interface, using Lablgtk2, that allows, for
    instance, displaying data in a graph