Binary package “libsilo-bin” in ubuntu eoan

Utilities to manipulate libsilo files

 This package contains a number of utilities for manipulating and viewing
 Silo files. Silo is a scientific data format library.
 Silo supports gridless (point) meshes, structured meshes, unstructured-zoo
 and unstructured-arbitrary-polyhedral meshes, block structured AMR meshes,
 constructive solid geometry (CSG) meshes, piecewise-constant
 (e.g. zone-centered) and piecewise-linear (e.g. node-centered) variables
 defined on the node, edge, face or volume elements of meshes as well as
 the decomposition of meshes into arbitrary subset hierarchies including
 materials and mixing materials. In addition, Silo supports a wide variety of
 other useful objects to address various scientific computing application
 needs. Although the Silo library is a serial library, it has some key features
 which enable it to be applied quite effectively and scalable in parallel.