Comment 62 for bug 1850651

(In reply to Andrew DeFaria from comment #54)
> And by broke, I do not mean just the add-ons. Granted Google Provider seems busted with OAuth. Google Provider keeps asking me to log in and afterward does nothing but ask me again so yes that's this bug here. I have Version 68 of Google Provider.

1.) Users should also complain to Google, if there are always technical details changed without specific announcement (to the affected users). This would also be Google's task to inform users - not just developers.
2.) Google Provider must be updated to version 68.2.1, to have the bug in the addon fixed.

> What I meant by my environment being screwed up is that when run Thunderbird shows me a basic setup, no accounts, no add-ons, nothing. I'm coming to find out it seems to have created a blank profile instead of using my existing one. But my existing one was still there so using the ProfileManager I was able to log in with the correct profile and I'm cleaning that up.

That's the bad UX, when we force users to do a major upgrade instead of providing a small bugfix update to 60.9.1 (which is now available today - thanks!).