Comment 7 for bug 1815733

Aleksei (zakharov-a-g) wrote :

Hi, thank you!
0002-block-avoid-setting-none-scheduler-if-it-s-already-n.patch - looks good.

0001-block-avoid-setting-wbt_lat_usec-to-current-value.patch - I didn't mention this one:) it is not needed for 4.15, because blk_mq_freeze_queue() in queue_wb_lat_store() was added only at 4.19 due to c125311d96b1bfcce0f5930a4f0fdfe39ea14f7c
I think, we can skip it for 4.15.

So, i'm asking to backport this one - e5fa81408fb43ebabde65938ef8b20ae879017e7