libload-perl binary package in Ubuntu Bionic ppc64el

 The "load" pragma allows a module developer to give the application developer
 more options with regards to optimize for memory or CPU usage. The "load"
 pragma gives more control on the moment when subroutines are loaded and start
 taking up memory. This allows the application developer to optimize for CPU
 usage (by loading all of a module at compile time and thus reducing the
 amount of CPU used during the execution of an application). Or allow the
 application developer to optimize for memory usage, by loading subroutines
 only when they are actually needed, thereby however increasing the amount of
 CPU needed during execution.
 The "load" pragma combines the best of both worlds from AutoLoader and
 SelfLoader. And adds some more features.
 In a situation where you want to use as little memory as possible, the "load"
 pragma (in the context of a module) is a drop-in replacement for AutoLoader.
 But for situations where you want to have a module load everything it could
 ever possibly need (e.g. when starting a mod_perl server in pre-fork mode),
 the "load" pragma can be used (in the context of an application) to have all
 subroutines of a module loaded without having to make any change to the
 source of the module in question.

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