Patch attachments in linux in Ubuntu Bionic

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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1815733: unnecessary request_queue freeze Undecided New 22 hours

From: Kai-Heng Feng
Link: 0002-block-avoid-setting-none-scheduler-if-it-s-already-n.patch


Bug #1815831: [ALSA] [PATCH] System76 darp5 and oryp5 fixups Medium In Progress 9 days

From: Jeremy Soller
Link: oryp5.patch


Bug #1396654: C++ demangling support missing from perf Undecided Confirmed 2 weeks

From: Ignat Loskutov
Link: 0001-UBUNTU-Packaging-fix-a-mistype.patch


Bug #1810797: bluetooth controller not detected with 4.15 kernel Medium Fix Committed 5 weeks

From: Paolo Pisati
Link: 0002-UBUNTU-Config-arm64-snapdragon-BT_QCOMSMD_HACK-y.patch


Bug #1783906: Linux 4.15 and onwards fails to initialize some hard drives Medium Confirmed 24 weeks

From: David Milburn
Link: 0001-libata-sata_down_spd_limit-should-record-link-speed-.patch


Bug #1789638: azure 4.15 kernel: reading sysfs file causing oops Medium In Progress 25 weeks

From: Joshua R. Poulson
Link: 0001-hv_vmbus-dont-return-values-for-uninitialized-channels.patch


Bug #1788623: regression: IPv6 PMTU discovery fails with source-specific routing High Confirmed 26 weeks

From: Mikael Magnusson
Link: 0001-net-ipv6-route-Fix-PMTU-for-source-specific-routes.patch

net/ipv6/route: Fix PMTU for source-specific routes

Bug #1772024: linux 4.13.0-42.47 ADT test failure with linux 4.13.0-42.47 (nbd-smoke-test) Undecided New 36 weeks
Bug #1776887: Critical upstream bugfix missing in Ubuntu 18.04 - frequent Xorg crash after suspend High Fix Committed 36 weeks

From: Alan Jenkins
Link: 0001-block-do-not-use-interruptible-wait-anywhere.patch

A copy of the original patch that was merged upstream

Bug #1769980: Intel WiFi Linux driver update for ETSI 5GHz Adaptivity Requirement Undecided Confirmed 39 weeks

From: Anthony Wong
Link: crda_3.13-1ubuntu1.debdiff


Bug #1765998: FS access deadlock with btrfs quotas enabled High Triaged 44 weeks

From: Michael Sparmann
Link: 0002-qgroup_accounting_fix.patch


Bug #1765379: nfp: flower: fixes for cmesg processing timeouts Medium Confirmed 44 weeks

From: Simon Horman
Link: 0002-nfp-flower-move-route-ack-control-messages-out-of-th.patch


Bug #1765373: nfp: flower: fixes for cmesg processing timeouts Medium Triaged 44 weeks

From: Simon Horman
Link: 0004-nfp-flower-offload-phys-port-MTU-change.patch


Bug #1746970: lpfc.ko module doesn't work Medium Fix Committed 53 weeks

From: Oliver
Link: lpfc-loop-topology.patch


Bug #1744988: time drifting on linux-hwe kernels Medium Fix Committed 55 weeks

From: Juul Spies
Link: tsc.patch


Bug #1728115: crashkernel offset prevents kernel boot Undecided Incomplete 63 weeks
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