Comment 5 for bug 1836860

Frank Heimes (frank-heimes) wrote :

I tried to cherry-pick the commits 46a984ff, 1c410fd and 820bace from linux master into bionic master-next, but they don't apply cleanly and git complains about a missing file "arch/s390/kernel/perf_cpum_cf_diag.c".
I can 'git add' it, but thought I better look in the git log for further commits needed and found:
b6ffdf2 s390/cpumf: Fix warning from check_processor_id
fe5908b s390/cpum_cf_diag: Add support for s390 counter facility diagnostic trace
But while trying to cherry-pick these on top, next file is missing "arch/s390/include/asm/cpu_mcf.h".

Before I further go down the vicious circle, please (@IBM) can you come up either with a complete list of commit IDs that allow to cherry-pick cleanly based on bionic master-next (and ideally also disco master -next) or with a backport/PR for 4.15?