Comment 0 for bug 1782922

Jakob Englisch (jakob-englisch) wrote :

Env Details:
Openstack version: Queens (17.0.5)
OS: CentOS 7.5
LDAP: Active Directory, Windows Server 2012R2

We changed the user_id_attribute to sAMAccountName when configuring keystone. [ user_id_attribute = "sAMAccountName" ; group_members_are_ids = False ]. Unfortunately this bricks the group mapping logic in keystone.

The relevant code in keystone:
`list_users_in_group` [1] -> gets all groups from the LDAP server, and then calls `_transform_group_member_ids`. `_transform_group_member_ids` tries to match the user ids (for posixGroups e.g.) or the DN. However DN matching does not match the full DN. It rather takes the first RDN of the DN and computes the keystone user id [2]. The first RDN in Active Directory is the "CN". While the user-create part honors the user_id_attribute and takes "sAMAccountName" in our configuration. The generated user-ids in keystone now do not match anymore and hence group mapping is broken.

A fix could be looking up the user by the DN received from the 'member' attribute of a given group and compare the configured 'user_id_attribute' of the received ldap user id and the in keystone stored user id. A quick fix could also be to mention that behavior in the documentation.