Binary package “python-pydl-doc” in ubuntu bionic

Library of IDL astronomy routines converted to Python (doc)

 PyDL consists of Python replacements for functions that are part of the IDL
 built-in library or part of astronomical IDL libraries.
 The emphasis is on reproducing results of the astronomical library
 Only the bare minimum of IDL built-in functions are implemented to support
 There are four astronomical libraries targeted:
   * idlutils: a general suite of tools heavily used by SDSS.
   * Goddard utilities: The IDL Astronomy User's Library, maintained by
 Wayne Landsman and distributed with idlutils.
   * idlspec2d: tools for working with SDSS, BOSS and eBOSS spectroscopic
   * photoop: tools for working with SDSS imaging data.
 This is the common documentation package.