Binary package “knot-dnsutils” in ubuntu bionic

Clients provided with Knot DNS (kdig, knslookup, knsupdate)

 Knot DNS is a fast, authoritative only, high performance, feature
 full and open source name server.
 Knot DNS is developed by CZ.NIC Labs, the R&D department of .CZ
 registry and hence is well suited to run anything from the root
 zone, the top-level domain, to many smaller standard domain names.
 This package delivers various client programs related to DNS that are
 derived from the Knot DNS source tree.
  - [k]dig - query the DNS in various ways
  - [k]nsupdate - perform dynamic updates (See RFC2136)
 Those clients were designed to be 1:1 compatible with BIND dnsutils,
 but they provide some enhancements, which are documented in respective
 WARNING: [k]nslookup is not provided as it is considered obsolete.