Binary package “ferret-datasets” in ubuntu bionic

Datasets for use with Ferret Visualisation and analysis suite

 These datasets contain reference climatologies and grids for use with ferret.
 They include:
  * etopo120 relief of the earth's surface at 120-minute resolution
  * etopo60 relief of the earth's surface at 60-minute resolution
  * levitus_climatology subset of the Climatological Atlas of the World Oceans
                        by Sydney Levitus (Note: the updated World Ocean Atlas,
                        1994, is also available with Ferret)
  * coads_climatology 12-month climatology derived from 1946–1989 of the
                        Comprehensive Ocean/Atmosphere Data Set
  * monthly_navy_winds monthly-averaged Naval Fleet Numerical Oceanography
                        Center global marine winds (1982–1990)
  * esku_heat_budget Esbensen-Kushnir 4×5 degree monthly climatology of the
                        global ocean heat budget (25 variables)