Comment 8 for bug 1730717

On Wed, Nov 08, 2017 at 11:08:05AM -0000, ChristianEhrhardt wrote:
> @Laney I found it interesting that you essentially only needed to start+reboot.
> I assume on the host you had other workload goes on in the background (since it is lcy01)?

I don't have visibility into what else the hosts are doing - I'm just a
client here. But I do know that *I* had other workloads running at the
same time. I assume that there were a lot of buildd jobs too. These
compute nodes are probably loaded most of the time.

> If you'd have any sort of non-busy but otherwise comparable system - could you check to confirm the assumption we have so far that there all is fine?
> If yes - then the memory pressure theory gets more likely, if not we can focus on simpler reproducers - so we can only win by that check.

Afraid not, sorry. I did try on my artful+artful host but didn't
reproduce the problem - it probably wasn't under enough stress anyway.

> Crossing fingers for jsalisbury's hope that 4.14 might already have a
> fix.

Right now I'm trying to build a new cloud image with this kernel that I
can try.

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