Comment 18 for bug 1730717

Joseph Salisbury (jsalisbury) wrote :

The bug reporter in bug 1713751 has been unable to reproduce the bug with the 4.13.0-16-generic kernel. He's re-testing with the original kernel that exhibited the bug to ensure he can reproduce it consistently. If he finds that 4.13.0-16-generic is really good he really might be hitting a different bug. I'll update this bug with that answer.

laney, we could start a bisect in this bug at the same time if you want. The first thing we would have to do is identify the last "Good" Ubuntu kernel and first "Bad" Ubuntu kernel. That would mean trying some of the earlier 4.13 kernels, based on that, some 4.12 kernels, etc. Bug 1713751 suggests that he is unable to reproduce the bug with 4.10.0-33, so maybe you could try that one next? It's available from:

Based on what you see with that, we can decide jump to the middle of the versions and try a 4.11 or 4.12 based kernel?