Comment 18 for bug 1766186

Andreas Hasenack (ahasenack) wrote :

TL;DR artful:
- cacti regressions are due to mariadb-server regression bug #1757107. After being installed, mariadb isn't running. I applied this crude workaround ( and ran the tests locally, and they passed:
Note that the workaround doesn't work if what you want to test is a new upload of cacti itself, since I purge and reinstall it. But this SRU is about apache, so it should be enough.
- resource-agents failures were fixed for bionic in bug #1734148 and are probably not worth an SRU since artful is EOL in a few days.

There are no other artful failures.

Therefore, I ask to let this SRU continue for Artful.

I'll now investigate the xenial DEP8 failures.