Comment 9 for bug 294182

Anthony Glenn (aglenn-pcug) wrote :

Lucid still seems to have Yelp 2.30.0 (with the bug), as of today. If this bug is fixed in Yelp 2.31.1 then why not push that out as an update?

I was showing Ubuntu to someone who had never heard of Linux, the other day. And they wanted to know, "What is this Ubuntu thing?" So I did System > About Ubuntu. Well, how to make a bad first impression in one easy lesson, without even trying. This miserable Yelp thing took around 40 seconds to load, with nothing happening on screen until the last second or so. It is appalling ergonomics. I had to apologize, "Gee, I can't understand why this is taking so long -- it is taking even longer to start than Firefox. Sorry about that."

This long delay in Yelp starting is just not acceptable. Restarts are OK at around 2 seconds, but that first start is bad bad. Frankly, Yelp should be a tiny fraction of the size of Firefox and it should be reading relatively tiny data files. I expect under 1 second starts every time.

I want (1) Yelp really fixed, (2) this bug raised in importance. Other people are reporting having to wait over a minute. When you are looking for help, you are not sure what you are doing. To have the help system itself malfunctioning, that gives a very bad impression.