Comment 14 for bug 250769

Created attachment 327742
move ws_info set up from nsObjectFrame::CallSetWindow()

nsPluginInstanceOwner::CreateWidget() is a good place to set up the display because that is where the plugin "becomes" windowless, and the display should not change.

The right place to set up the Colormap is in nsPluginInstanceOwner::Renderer::NativeDraw() where the Visual is known.

To avoid the need to hunt for the Visual on the Display to find the
Screen for selecting a Colormap, this changes the Display* argument of gfxXlibNativeRenderer::NativeDraw to a Screen*.

This also makes the treatment of CAIRO_XLIB_DRAWING_SUPPORTS_NONDEFAULT_VISUAL in _create_temp_xlib_surface consistent with that in _draw_with_xlib_direct.
i.e. when not set the visual must be the default visual of the screen used,
but need not be the default visual of the fallback dpy specified.