Comment 30 for bug 96676

I just found out that the problem does *NOT* appear with konsole. Checking a bit deeper, it uses TERM=linux - setting TERM=xterm here breaks a few things again. The other way round (setting TERM=linux in a xterm session) is not helpful at all. Side-effect of TERM=linux is that you lose mouse support (at least as far as Midnight Commander is affected). So you have the choice of "mouse XOR keyboard working fine".

@Thomas Dickey: If you could send me the affected termcap files (and say where they belong to), I would try to replace mine (after a backup). If that solves the issue, we at least know how to work around the bug until it's solved (which I guess will not happen that soon - to be honest, I would even be surprised if it was solved in Gutsy).