Comment 5 for bug 311983

On Sat, 12 Dec 2009, Paul Szabo wrote:

>>> xterm can't change it's title any more. ...
>> ... look at the control-right-mouse entry for "Enable Title Ops" ...
> Testing my own karmic machine: the xterm default "Allow Title Ops" is
> ticked, "Allow Window Ops" is not ticked. Apparently regardless of

allowTitleOps doesn't have an effect on retrieving the title.
That's controlled via allowWindowOps:

        allowTitleOps (class AllowTitleOps)
                Specifies whether control sequences that modify the window
                title or icon name should be allowed. The default is "true."

        allowWindowOps (class AllowWindowOps)
                Specifies whether extended window control sequences (as used in
                dtterm) should be allowed. These include several control
                sequences which manipulate the window size or position, as well
                as reporting these values and the title or icon name. Each of
                these can be abused in a script; curiously enough most terminal
                emulators that implement these restrict only a small part of
                the repertoire. For fine-tuning, see disallowedWindowOps. The
                default is "false."

(my recent changes in-filled some empty slots in the dtterm list, but did
not alter the allowTitleOps feature, since that was separate from dtterm).

> setting, using
> perl -e 'print "\e\]0;;bad-command;\a\e\[21t"'
> does not set the title; but with "Allow Window Ops" ticked, it echoes
> the bad command into the input buffer.
> Cheers, Paul
> Paul Szabo <email address hidden>
> School of Mathematics and Statistics University of Sydney Australia
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> Window title, DECRQSS security
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