Comment 108 for bug 33617

Gabriel M. (gabrielm) wrote :

@Mark: If I was a Linux system programmer, I'd be already fixing the bug. If I had money to spare, I would probably have already donated a Thinkpad T22 to a developer or paid him to fix the bug (or bought my friend a new computer with a preinstalled OS, if I didn't care about the environment). But frankly it's rather insulting to get the canned answer "do it yourself or pay someone to do it or shut up": how does saying that to someone help moving things forward?

You should rather test the patch since you have two of the computers at home.

@ Tormod: What do we have to do to test the patch, anyways? It seems an earlier version was provided in .deb format, but I assume for this one we have to get the src deb, patch, then hopefully a debian command can auto-compile and package the whole thing? If you give simple instructions I can follow in 15min, I'll try and test it when I do my test installs on Saturday. But as much as I'd like to, I can't spend hours digging through wiki pages.

I'm concerned about the number of manual fixes that might be required to get Intrepid working on this T22. Will I be able to tell it's user to apply critical updates when they come up, or will I constantly fear that the updates overwrite my fixes?