Comment 9 for bug 333040

Yes, I was using the nvidia driver because I had installed it within
Intrepid. I upgrade to Jaunty from Intrepid, so it kept the driver.
I remember when installing Intrepid, it installed without the
proprietary driver. Isn't there a way to supress the exisitng driver
during the upgrade process? I attempted apt-get update and apt-get
dist-upgrade after receiving this notification, but it still would not
load gnome. What can I do to start X windows?

On 3/10/09, Bryce Harrington <email address hidden> wrote:
> According to the log, you're trying to use -nv on an unsupported video
> card.
> [ 0.528508] (WW) NV: Ignoring unsupported device 0x10de0844 (GeForce
> 9100M G) at 02@00:00:0
> ** Summary changed:
> - xserver will not start/no theme found for 1024x768
> + -nv reports it does not support GeForce 9100M G
> ** Changed in: xserver-xorg-video-nv (Ubuntu)
> Sourcepackagename: xorg => xserver-xorg-video-nv
> --
> -nv reports it does not support GeForce 9100M G
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