Comment 26 for bug 333040

Gaetan Nadon (memsize) wrote :


There is a range of motherboard GPUs (C73/C77/C79) that are not supported by the nv driver. I see 2 options for you to try with a Live CD so as not to disturb your system:

1) Add the 10DE0848 id in /usr/share/xserver-xorg/pci/nv.ids file and restart X. The nv driver may support it after all.
This line in the log should go away: "(II) No matches found for this device in /usr/share/xserver-xorg/pci"

2) Install the current 180.51 driver which list your GPU as supported. Very important instructions are in On second thought, I am not sure you can do this one on a Live CD as I think there is a kernel module involved. I have installed and uninstalled this driver a few times with no problems.

To restart X (you can't reboot from a Live CD) use Ctrl-Alt-Backspace (pre 9.04) or Ctrl-Alt-F1 to get to a terminal and then '/etc/init.d/gdm restart'. Do not edit the xorg.conf file to use or stop using the nv driver.