Comment 22 for bug 333040

If it can be avoided, I would prefer not reinstalling the whole
distro. It is dual booting with vista, sharing a data partition.

Essentially what would be the best, quickest, easiest, and least time
consuming process to get back up and running AND help get a fix so
this doesn't happen to other people who upgrade to the beta or release

On 3/25/09, Gaetan Nadon <email address hidden> wrote:
> I am not familiar enough with development on Linux to guide you through
> the easy way of doing this. Keep in mind you will now have to maintain
> the new object code you created, it will most likely break on the next
> update of xorg or kernel. Everyone will have a different opinion on
> this, I think installing driver would be considered by most
> as a lower level of difficulty compared to compiling.
> I would read-up on both ways before making a decision. Neither solution
> is officially supported by Ubuntu, your best avenue for support is the
> forum, which often has proven to be gold.
> Have you tried to delete xorg.conf and reboot? From what I understand,
> at least the vesa driver should give you a desktop. Given that it works
> on live cd, you can't be that far from a working solution. You could
> also reinstall, having backed-up your data first. All depends on if/why
> you need to be on an alpha version.
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