Comment 14 for bug 785280

Marc GariƩpy (mgariepy) wrote :

Hello, Martin in freedesktop bug tracker updated this issue with this:

>I discovered git bisect ...
>f3a47d7f235d18e4529e3898a48673c7c3cbd489 is the first bad commit
>commit f3a47d7f235d18e4529e3898a48673c7c3cbd489
>Author: Chris Wilson <email address hidden>
>Date: Mon Dec 6 14:11:05 2010 +0000
> snb: Cache pixmap binding locations
> Signed-off-by: Chris Wilson <email address hidden>
>:040000 040000 4a1eb83e6831bceb66e6f6641d2314785abda5c6
>6cb1c7448c1f9513a4f49951a08d554d5ee60faa M src
>Hope that helps.

here is the link to the commit: