Comment 47 for bug 568779

Wow...just wow. I have had a lot of ups and downs with Linux for the last 5 years, even reinstalling several times after an update hopelessly breaks things (valuable lesson, mount /home on a separate partition), but this fiasco takes the cake. Days before an official release, an update breaks the video used by nearly 50 of our developer laptops and likely thousands of end users. To top it off, the bug is assigned to a "developer" who's first comment is "Please fix it". If this is the way open source is going to be run, it really will always be the domain of the geeks while Microsoft looks down and laughs from the top of their mountain of gold.

I know this is not a "helpful" post filled with dmesg outputs, etc, but does that seem to be helping get this fixed? Is there anything any of us can do to help other than shout at the faceless wall of Canonical?