Comment 4 for bug 328528

The boot failure occurs on Xubuntu Jaunty from daily build 20070212.
Section "Device"
 Identifier "Configured Video Device"
 Driver "Intel"
 Option "AccelMethod" "uxa"
 Option "ModeDebug" "true"
        Option "FallbackDebug" "true"
it boots up to a blue (this was Xubuntu, Ubuntu would get a tan) screen with a movable cursor. Keyboard is dead altogether. Mouse pointer moves but mouse keys are dead. Only key that works is power off.
This is a quad boot setup so I booted on another image (Ubuntu jaunty "NoAccel") and mounted the failing image.
Attached is the Xorg.0.log. lspci will be in following attachment.

To me as an "ordinary user" the boot failure looks much like the blue screen I get if I don't use "NoAccel" and I don't use "AccelMethod" "uxa" which I assumed was bug 304871?