Comment 401 for bug 252094

Dear Benjamin MOTU,

Whatever is needed to be "specific" about this bug is written in the Ubuntu 9.04 Release Notes, right here:

"Users of Intel video chipsets have reported performance regressions in Ubuntu 8.10 compared with previous releases (252094). Many of the issues have been resolved in Ubuntu 9.04, but some remain."

By declaring this bug as "Invalid", you're suggesting that the Ubuntu Release Notes are LYING. Next you should probably deny that the Holocaust ever existed.

The Internet is full of THOUSANDS of proofs that recent versions of xserver-xorg-video-intel/ is SCREWED. This is very specific, and people with Intel video can experience this regression in Mandriva 2009.1, in Fedora 11, in openSUSE 11.2-M2/Factory, and so on.

Mark Shuttleworth should simply send you to the garbage bin. You're undermining Ubuntu's reputation (if any of it left after shipping a release with Intel performance dropped to 10%).