Comment 394 for bug 252094

@bouazza: we're not quite there yet. In fact, we haven't even begun talking about catching up to windows. The main reason is that the graphics drivers for intel are currently (relatively) unstable. If you read the bug description, intel is doing a major rework of their linux drivers.

In particular the two outcomes of this are two new driver components: GEM and Gallium3D. GEM has been introduced into the release, and most of the performance decreases from hardy were due to GEM being unstable (ie failing on certain hardware). The next step would be to move the Mesa Gallium3D driver into ubuntu, and i am 95% sure it's not happening until karmic. Then we can talk about catching up to windows, since as of now intel drivers crash on anything more than glxgears (GLSL makes them cry).

For an example of current developments in the intel linux graphics world - EXA support was recently removed, so we're moving closer to a single stable intel backend driver (on UXA only). But this is not making it into jaunty since it requires the new kernel. Bottom line - you probably shouldn't expect "improved" (as you define it) intel performance on jaunty without manual tweaking. Or you could just update to the karmic alpha :).

my 2c