Comment 390 for bug 252094

NB (n4xxx) wrote :

@bouazza: I means that Tux Racer now runs at 25-35 FPS instead of 1-2 in Jaunty. Just by adding UXA it was only 10-25 FPS. I followed ALL the "Bleeding-Edge Configuration" steps in the guide, else the performances was almost unchanged; but the configuration and the result may depend on your graphic card.
In default Jaunty some games under Wine are unplayable: even enabling UXA didn't help. Of course I don't mean to play current 3D Windows games on a little i945 and I don't expect to get the same performances under Wine. Anyway that guide made them playable again. I don't remember the exact Wine performances on Hardy, but Jaunty with this changes seem faster. Tux Racer is faster for sure (it was around 15 FPS). Compiz effects are no longer choppy and the 2D is also OK (it don't looks slower than Windows), so I no longer miss Hardy.