Comment 25 for bug 238629

I tried to work for two month with this java version and default xorg setting. That was awful!
Yesterday I found this bug and workaround.
Now there is JRE b14 available, but I'm not sure, that something is changed.

dmig@dmig-desktop:~$ apt-cache policy sun-java6-jre
  Установлен: 6-12-intrepid~ppa1
  Кандидат: 6-12-intrepid~ppa1
  Таблица версий:
 *** 6-12-intrepid~ppa1 0
        500 intrepid/extra Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
     6-10-0ubuntu2 0
        500 intrepid/multiverse Packages