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output of lspci -nv

As of intel version 2.2.0 (running Hardy now with 2.2.1), it seems I need to use the ForceEnablePipeA hack in order to safely switch VTs. I have not had this problem with previous versions of the intel driver (as far as I can remember at least), so I don't know why it would turn up now.

Without the option set I get hard freezes about 60-70% of the times I switch VTs (whether it's logging out, suspending, or just switching to the console). During these hard freezes the screen is black, and I can neither reach it through ssh or the magic sysrq. Only possibility at that point is the power button.

After adding the ForceEnablePipeA option to xorg.conf, I have not seen these problems, except for when I have an external display attached and enabled, in which case the problems re-occur.

Will attach relevant outputs.