Comment 14 for bug 201596

sibidiba (sibidiba) wrote :

This is not a duplicate. Bug #152206 is about general video tearing and poor performance. That bug is more a duplicate of #177492 , which was solved by forcing MigrationHeurisitc "greedy" for all chipsets and setting the env. variable INTEL_BATCH=1 .

I had only problems with xv video playback, but if and only compiz was enabled.

Now I played with the options in xorg.conf, and got it working! :)

According to the changelog, in the latest xserver-xorg-video-intel (2:2.2.1-1ubuntu4) patches were added to enable hardware overlay for i965, and textured video was disabled by default.

But the solution was to set 'Option "TexturedVideo" "false"'.

So using the current intel driver (with default accel method EXA and greedy migration heuristic), xv works with compiz.
But TexturedVideo is not disabled (to enable HardwareOverlay) by default. Using (the now still default texturedvideo) the bug remains.