Comment 2 for bug 1589447

Sergio Callegari (callegar) wrote :

After some investigation, the problem seems to be in the Xorg.wrap wrapper that is way too picky.

1) Without the wrapper Xdummy cannot be executed because it tries to open some virtual console and fails

2) With the wrapper Xdummy cannot be executed either because

a) you need to modify the Xwrapper.conf file to let anybody run it first
b) The wrapper protests that it cannot run with elevated privileges and options for Xorg including -logfile and -configdir, but these are obviously required if one wants to start Xdummy under the control of another application such as Xpra

To me, it is totally unclear why:

a) Xdummy should need to run with privilege at all otherwise Xorg messes with the virtual consoles.

b) The wrapper cannot have its own options making it more flexible and a group to manage it, so that only the users with appropriate permissions (in the appropriate group) can start the wrapper with the options relaxing its behavior (e.g. allowing -logfile and -confdir)