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marmuta (marmuta) wrote : Re: No power management with ati driver

This may not immediately help, but the upstream radeon driver already has some new power management features that aren't included in Jaunty. There are new xorg.conf options ClockGating, ForceLowPowerMode and DynamicPM.
Installation instructions are here

IMO the clocks don't go down far enough by default though, only to half of my cards 750MHz, whereas fglrx goes down to 165MHz and the card can still handle 80MHz. When I patched the source for lower clocks it came within 3W of the power draw with fglrx.

Some numbers from my HD4670 in a desktop system
93W with Jaunty xserver-xorg-video-radeon 1:6.12.1-0ubuntu2, 750/873
83W with upstream radeon, ClockGating and ForceLowPowerMode, 375/435?
77W with upstream radeon, ClockGating and patched clocks, 165/250
74W with Jaunty fglrx, 165/250 (engine/memory)