Comment 9 for bug 289177

Description of problem:

Trying to install Fedora 9 from the latest (as of 2009-09-07) Live CD.

The motherboard is an ABIT A-S78H with integrated ATI Radeon HD 3200 (this one: That motherboard has a VGA and HDMI connector.

Booting from the Live CD yields the following messages in text mode:

  Aperture beyond 4 GByte - Ignoring
  Unable to find persistent overlay - using temporary

The boot process then proceeds with video signal on both VGA and HDMI connectors. Howwever, after

  Starting udev: [OK]

the video signal on HDMI is lost and only VGA still provides output.

Boot continues. Using "show details" on can see to the message

  Starting cups:

At which point VGA goes away too.

The BIOS has the following config:

  Internal Graphics Mode: UMA (other would be "disabled", not good)
    UMA Frame Buffer Size: Auto
    Frame Buffer Location: Below 4G
    IGX Engine Clock Override: Disabled

How reproducible: