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Bug #1257153: Option "AreaBottomEdge" ignores other areas when active Undecided Confirmed 282 weeks

From: Fabien Chéreau
Link: fix_multitouch_outside_area.patch


Bug #1246215: Ubuntu 13.10, wrong settings for Apple (mouse) touchpad in Macbook 4,1 Undecided Fix Committed 428 weeks

From: Clinton
Link: 0001-PATCH-xf86-input-synaptics-Fix-product-ID-cutoff-for.patch


Bug #381884: Appletouch touchpad driver produces jumpy two-fingered scrolling Low Incomplete 430 weeks

From: Clinton
Link: appletouch-smoothness.patch


Bug #906987: syndaemon polls 5 times a second even though it is started with the -R XRecord extension option Medium Triaged 540 weeks

From: Robert Hooker
Link: 0001-Increase-syndaemon-poll-interval-to-500ms.patch

launch syndaemon with an increased poll interval in gnome-settings-daemon

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