Comment 27 for bug 896922

theghost (theghost) wrote :

I can understand you MeneM. I have this bug since I bought my Laptop (3 Ubuntu releases ago).
Also I responded to a lot of bug reports concerning this issue on Launchpad. The reaction is all the same: "Please file a new bug report". It ridicolous. Why should I file a new bug report for the same issue, with the result, that all the other reports are beeing closed because they lost the attention, because we have thousand of new bug reports. It's no wonder why every Ubuntu package has this much bugs here on Launchpad. I am really tired of this process. I just want my Laptop to work well with Ubuntu.

All in all, it seems that this issue is never going to get fixed by the Kernel Team. So what, I will file this bug at the upstream Kernel bugtracker, maybe people are more interested in a solution there.

So please, go on close this bug report or let it rot, like all the other bugs, concerning this issue.