Comment 14 for bug 771716

Matt Mullin (matthewmullin) wrote :

I am exasperated with this change. For every release, I have to chase the behavior of my input devices all over the damn file system to restore them to their previous behaviors. I have no xorg.conf right now. I was under the impression that we have been in the process of moving away from using xorg.conf for anything over the last few years. I used to configure input devices through xorg.conf, and it worked well. I don't think it's been the recommended way to configure devices for about two years. Three releases ago, I had to switch to configure scrolling behavior through hal. That changed to udev in the next release. Then in 10.10, I managed to add middle click emulation using a new method that I think involved adding rules to /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ (but I can't even remember because every time an Ubuntu release comes out I have to learn a new method), and now that has stopped working. This is absurd. Maybe Ubuntu devs could release/contribute code to a configuration utility that actually allows people to set all of the behaviors of the input devices, instead of the random smattering of functionality like Gnome/KDE provide now?

So are we actually back to using /etc/X11/xorg.conf, or was that just an antiquated guess?
I would stop upgrading, but I usually get lured in by a new feature. I'm open to suggestions for a new distribution, which I'm guessing would not be Debian based.