Comment 13 for bug 569803

jmhdassen (jmhdassen) wrote :

I have finally managed to do another upgrade to a copy of the 8.0.4 LTS Virtual Machine (upgrade servers seem heavily overloaded at present).

The symptoms are still the same: no keyboard after migration. dpkg-reconfigure console-setup did not help.

But I did find out what was really the problem. The problem disappears after reinstalling VMware Tools and reboot. Now I do know that VMware Tools is needed for 'smooth' operation, but now it turns out you will not get any keyboard input at all without it being reinstalled. This I find a bit surprising since it does have an effect even on the login screen, when vmware tools have not started up yet. And I have not seen this with any previous versions.
Obviously it is not that straightforward either to reinstall VMware Tools, since it must all be done with the on screen keyboard.

I am not sure whether this is now an Ubuntu problem or a VMware problem or a combination of both.
(My VMware is Workstation 7.0.1)

But since there is a workaround, I can live with it.