Comment 23 for bug 880517

B Bobo (yout-bobo123) wrote :

I found the cause of the problem in my case. As part of the Maverick to Natty to Oneiric upgrade, something installed the xbindkeys package (xbindkeys-1.8.5-1). The file ~/.xbindkeysrc has definitions including:

  c:41 + m:0x4

This unfortunately defines a Ctrl-f shortcut which has global scope (i.e. cuts across all applications) that starts an xterm.
I uninstalled xbindkeys, and of course its global Ctrl-f shortcut is now gone, thus enabling all of the application-specific Ctrl-f shortcuts, such as Ctrl-f for opening the search box in firefox, to work again.

I'm not sure why xbindkeys was installed during the Maverick-Natty-Oneiric upgrade. Anyway, I hope this bug report will help others who may encounter the same issue.

@Karl Ostmo, is xbindkeys installed on your system?