X hard locks machine with a Radeon 9200

Bug #7976 reported by Thom May on 2004-09-14
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xorg (Ubuntu)
Daniel Stone

Bug Description

From one of my sounders:
I installed Ubuntu last night. Unfortunately, when gdm attempted to invoke X,
the machine hard-froze. It worked with the vga and vesa X drivers, however. So I
guess the Radeon 9200 is verboten
And it was a hard crash - couldn't ping it from another machine. Tried it with
and without fbdev.
What's funny, though, is that Caps Lock and Num Lock worked initially, but
trying, blindly, to switch back to a virtual console, or ctrl+alt+backspace
froze even those.
He'll provide dmesg, lspci, and an strace of gdm starting this evening (GMT)

I will need all possible information. config files (working and not working),
possibly a gdb session using xserver-xfree86-dbg, lspci -n and so on.

Thom, I still didn't receive any information about this problem. Can you kindly
shake the guy who did the report?

I am downgrading the severity in the meanwhile.

Thom May (thombot) wrote :

Nick added vga=792 to the kernel parameters and the card now works:

I'll ask for the logs again on monday.

Ok we updated the ati driver to a certain degree with X ubuntu20. Please let us
know if that fixes the problem. Otherwise i am more tempt to close this bug for
lack of information.

This bug won't be fixed for warty. tagging it as LATER.

As agreed with Matt on irc.

Daniel Stone (daniels) wrote :

Wickity word -- I fixed this bug upstream about a month ago when I was looking
at that particular bit of code, but didn't realise that it was affecting this
bug. Now, looking at it, I'm almost certain it does. I proposed it for 6.8.2 a
few hours ago, with patch, and it will be in 000_stolen_from_6.8_branch.diff in
the next xorg upload.

Isn't it great when you have an epiphany? I was sorting through the bug list
and suddenly got very happy when I realised what this bug was.

Daniel Stone (daniels) wrote :
Download full text (3.3 KiB)

xorg (6.8.1-1ubuntu4) hoary; urgency=low

  * Remove debian/patches/099d*, as it broke UTF-8 locale handling and didn't
    actually fix the xterm manpage at all (closes: Ubuntu#3645).

  * Add patches stolen from the X.Org 6.8.x branch, including:
    + Perform soft resets right on non-r3xx (fd.o#988).
    + Prevent segfault in GLX on certain GL versions (fd.o#1672).
    + Fix server crash when unsetting screensaver attributes (fd.o#1695).
    + Prevent conflict with certain #defined constants (bool) in xf86cfg
    + Drag nVidia driver back from XFree86 (via X.Org HEAD) with more hardware
      support, fix for DPMS issues, PCI-Xpress support, DPMS on DVI, cursor
      fixes for NV11, proper console restoration, and Xv syncing on vblank
    + Fix a stack overflow in XKB handling within libX11 (fd.o#1459).
    + Fix xmodmap stack overflow (fd.o#1818).
    + Fix from myself to fix panel size derivation when stretching is enabled
      (fd.o#1881, Ubuntu#1218).
    + Include server control keys in macintosh/us XKB definition (fd.o#1872).
    + Actually reset DPMS timer on input (fd.o#792, Ubuntu#3614).
    + Move all the fixes from #000 Fedora to this patch, as they have since
      been approved for 6.8.2.
    - New: debian/patches/000_stolen_from_6.8_branch.diff
    - Removed: debian/patches/000_stolen_from_fedora.diff
    + Large patch from Ben Herrenschmidt rejigging the detection logic for
      many ATI cards; see annotation in patch. Note that this is not yet
      committed, so this patch is subject to change and hasn't yet been folded
      into _6.8_branch.diff. This patch obsoletes #099m.
      - New: debian/patches/000_stolen_from_6.8_branch_benh_ati.diff
      - Updated:
      - Removed: debian/patches/099m_radeon_fwpll_support.diff

  * Remove interrupt handler completely on exit so we don't get lockups
    (closes: Ubuntu#2411).
    + New: debian/patches/025_r128_remove_interrupt_handler.diff

  * Add 1440x900 @ 100Hz modeline for 17" Apple iMacs (closes: Ubuntu#3712).
    + Updated: debian/xserver-xorg.templates,

  * Stop writing out HorizSync and VertRefresh lines to xorg.conf; if it can
    be detected by DDC, then let the driver do that instead of tying us to a
    specific monitor, and if we need to calculate it from the resolution, then
    it's a driver bug that needs fixing.
    + Updated: debian/local/dexconf.

  * First cut at proper ia64 control files (closes: Ubuntu#3817).
    + Updated: debian/MANIFEST.ia64.in, debian/xserver-xorg.install.ia64,
      debian/xlibmesa-dri.install.ia64, debian/xlibmesa-dri-dbg.install.ia64,

  * Stop shipping damage.h, which is an old preliminary cut at the Damage
    client API; superseded by Xdamage.h.
    + Updated: MANIFEST.*.in, libxdamage-dev.install.

  * Fix link name (Xres->XRes) in libxres1.

  * Make libx11-dev Depend on libxkbfile-dev, and libxp-dev on libxau-dev, as
    they use files from these libraries.

  * Add dmxext.h and dmxproto.h to libdmx...


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