Comment 106 for bug 379313

On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 05:56:35PM -0000, Chase Douglas wrote:
> This bug has a lot of data and comments in it. Could someone provide a
> summary of where things stand? What does this bug represent at this
> point? Is this bug really against 11.04 now, or are people looking for
> support for previous Ubuntu releases?

Well, I'm mainly interested in what the support situation for this
hardware should be in 11.04 and going forward, as I doubt any of this
would qualify for SRU.

Chase, key comments to look at here appear to be:
  Proprietary driver: #31 (original) and 89-90 (latest)
  evdev patches: #81

I'm not sure what the restrictions are on the proprietary driver as far
as redistribution and so on, but the question is whether the MT work
you're doing will cover this hardware sufficiently by itself?

If not, then what would you need from the hardware vendor to include
support in evdev/linux?

If including support in the open does not look feasible for now, do you
have any thoughts on the proprietary driver?