Comment 26 for bug 524774

intuited (intuited) wrote :

I've discovered that the addition of the Canadian Multilingual keyboard (ca-multix) specifically triggers the bug behaviour. I.E. If I add it in the properties dialog for xfce's Keyboard Settings applet, I will subsequently be
unable to do ``xmodmap -e 'clear Lock'`. Removing the Canadian Multilingual keyboard as one of the keyboard options will cause that xmodmap command to work again.

The problem does not occur (i.e. xmodmap works correctly) if I instead add the keyboard Canada -> "Multilingual (first part)" (ca-multi). So this may prove to be a good workaround for myself and perhaps others, and may provide a useful clue to people who can track down this bug.

Also: this issue is `rumoured`_ to be related or identical to `<>`_

.. _rumoured: