Comment 64 for bug 397839

Alex Murray (alexmurray) wrote :

@Bryce: I am pretty sure the Ubuntu xorg-server is still missing one of the fundamental upstream patches to fix this issue - as Ive said on a number of other bug reports which report this issue still, the following patch is still needed:

And until this is applied I am pretty sure screen blanking will still not work properly in karmic - which is why we keep getting bugs filed against gnome-power-manager (such as the one anagor linked to above) but I am pretty sure the problem is just that we still don't have this final patch - I've checked the xorg-server package source at it is definitely not in there. Please can you add this patch and fix this issue once and for all - besides think of all the duplicates you're going to get once the beta is out if it doesn't include this patch...