Comment 57 for bug 397839

Vish (vish) wrote :

lol... I think i spoke too soon! Oh.. the irony ;)
Just while i was filing a bug for the gpm wrongly displaying a notification area icon , the screen blanked ;)

I lock the screen because gpm does not turn off the monitor > bugs 415589
For me , Locking the screen turns off the monitor after the set time.

So now , the notification area icon appears if i unlock the screen after 10mins saying "Session... "

But if i Unlock the screen before 10mins , it does not show the notificaication are icon.
The last time i unlocked before 10mins , the screen blanked at around 10-12mins. I tried it again , to unlock before 10mins but it didt happen again...

But the notification area icon is constantly displayed if screen is unlocked >10mins and not earlier.

So this maybe a xorg problem and not a gpm problem since several are reporting it as fixed.