Comment 55 for bug 397839

Scott Howard (showard314) wrote :

@mac: that warning was placed in to see if the conditions causing the idle were still occuring in x. The author of GPM believes that the three patches should have fixed it (and ubuntu has the three patches), but if you are seeing the warnings, that means the bugs still remains in x somewhere.

I don't know enough about x to help though. Does anyone else still see this? You can try posting a response on Richard's blog, the GPM mailing list, or a bug report saying that all patches have been applied, you aren't getting blanking, but you are getting the warning (is that correct?). It may be that the warning should be just removed.

@sergio and matt:
bug 385633 doesn't point here, it points to bug 413168. Could you check that out and see if it describes your problem? If those two bugs are different (413168 and 385633), please un-duplicate the bug and add your information.